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"Excellent trip to Egmont Key!!!"

Betty P
Clearwater, Florida
 Reviewed 25 February 2020
It was a great time during our trip to Egmont Key. The crew of Tropical Island Getaway was very friendly and helpful. We had a big fun on the boat with other people watching dolphins swimming and jumping close our boat. It was amazing!!! The tropical island with lighthouse, ruins dating back to the 1700s, tales of Spanish Conquistadors was worth to sightseeing. I would really recommend this cruise to everyone!!!Have fun!!!

"Great Time"

 Reviewed 4 December 2013
What a fun day. The dolphins stole the show. We seen many going out and back. So much fun to watch. We had fun on the island. It was very interesting. The water was to chilly to snorkel. I would recommend doing this. Worth the money.

"Dolphins there and Back"

Sunrize119  Reviewed 7 October 2013
I loved this trip. The water was choppy on the day of our actual reservation, and the capt kept in constant contact to make sure we took our trip. There were dolphins right at the edge of the boat as we slowly made our way out to the island. Pack a lunch and drinks ;) to go out and spend the afternoon. They have gear to snorkel and youre encouraged to explore the whole island. The turtles are awesome too! There's a fort for history lovers and nice beaches for strolls.

"Great time!"

Angela G
Indianapolis, Indiana
 Reviewed 16 September 2013
I did this yesterday with my friend. We had a great time and would definitely do it again. The captain and mate were very friendly and knowledgeable. Bring extra money for the port fee and tip. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

"Great family trip"

Kim S
Zeeland, Michigan
 Reviewed 8 September 2013
We went on this excursion with 2 families including 3 girls, ages 6-9, and had a great time! The boat ride itself was relaxing and enjoyable. Captain Randy and Dave (I think?) did a fabulous job spotting dolphins and slowing down so we could watch them play. It was amazing how close they were to the boat. We ate our lunch on the boat (easier than lugging it with the kids) and had the good luck to see a manatee float right along side the boat. We could have spent even more time exploring Egmont Key. Checking out the fort and looking for shells took all our time, so we didn't get to the lighthouse. The snorkeling was ok. It was my first time and maybe not quite what I expected, but still enjoyable. Our 6 yr old did not like the snorkel but was perfectly content watching the fish through her own swimming mask (and just taking more frequent breaths). Considering the price of other Florida attractions, we think this was a great deal and would do it again.

"Definatley worth it!!"

Danielle9601  Reviewed 5 August 2013
My sister and mom and I took the trip to Egmont Key and it was amazing! First we went snorkeling where we saw some cool fish. We then went to the island and it was AWESOME! We walked through the awesome trails surrounded by tons of palm trees to visit the old ruins of the war. It was very cool and you can walk in the old rooms. We spent a lot of time walking around the water picking up so really neat shells. 2 hours went by really quick. On our ride back we saw a lot of dolphins jumping behind our boat it was great. Captain Dave and Captain Eric were very friendly and helpful on our visit. Don't be shyed away if you book your visit with Blare... he's a bit pushy and annoying and I wasn't sure what to expect but it was fantastic! We ended up waiting 35 minutes afterwords and our cab never showed. Captain Dave drove us back to our hotel at St pete. Very nice people!!! :) Will be going again.


Hhhhhuuuuuuf  Reviewed 1 August 2013 
I took my 4 young kids by myself and they were very helpful. The dolphins were so close and jumped and swam with us for a long time. We even saw a baby! The island was beautiful. I definitely recommend this! I will do it again for sure. It was 4 hours but I wish it were even longer because we had so much fun!

"Fantastic experience! Have been twice!"

Wende D
Wichita, Kansas
 Reviewed 6 July 2013
We have taken the dolphin/snorkel cruise with Captain Randy twice and it was a great experience both times. We went in May and also in September. We took our kids when they were 10 and 12 and again at 12 and 14. The guys spotted dolphins for us and gave us tips about the island. Shelling was great! Snorkeling was great! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!!!!! Wende in Wichita, KS

"amazing dolphin show"

Heather F
Elwood, Indiana, United States
 Reviewed 16 April 2013
we had a wonderful time. our first trip to florida we picked up a flyer for this trip at our hotel. We are very glad we did. If you only do one thing on vacation do this,Its is soooo worth it. The crew was great , they told us just how to get the dolphins to put on a show . told us what to see on the island . a def. must do while in the area

"Amazing cruise to Egmont Key!"

Marlton, New Jersey
 Reviewed 27 March 2013
Had an amazing time traveling out to Egmont Key this past weekend on a fun cruise boat! First you go on a fun boat ride to the island that was about 30-45 minutes. There is a bathroom on the boat, tropical music, and space to leave your stuff on it if you don't want to bring it out with you onto the island. We had Captain Randy.. he was so nice and friendly and gave us a lot of tips about going on the island. You see a lot of dolphins that come to play near the boat.. get a seat in the back for the best view. We had a dolphin following the boat and doing jumps/flips for 3 minutes straight! Some of the gulls that fly in that area know Captain Randy.. so they actually follow the boat for part of the trip. The destination of the cruise is Egmont Key- a beautiful island you can only get to by boat. If you like wildlife- this is the adventure for you. We saw a variety of birds on the island, and gopher tortoises! The animals are protected so you can't touch them, but I got close to a tortoise and he actually started following me around- I think he liked my orange water shoes :) You can find plenty of them around the island in the holes they dig, or even walking around eating flowers.

We also went shelling, which is something they advertise on their flier. You won't be disappointed. We found 5 bags worth of GREAT shells.. meaning perfect and unbroken, the kinds they sell in souvenir shops for a few dollars a piece and a whole bag of conch shells alone. Make great free souvenirs and good gifts for family and friends, they won't believe you found them! Just make sure you check inside to make sure there is no animal living in them! The best place to find the shells is near the waters edge, and about a foot deep if you walk around in the water the tide brings them up. The water was very cold when we went, but if you go when it's warmer (or are brave enough to venture into the cold!) you can snorkel for shells as well.. there are apparently cool locations to snorkel and they provide you with the gear right on the boat. Didn't see any sand dollars or sea stars because it isn't really warm enough yet but apparently you can find them when it gets warmer (However sand dollars AND seastars/starfish are LIVING ANIMALS... so you shouldn't take them out of the water and certainly shouldn't take them home with you because you're killing an animal!) But an excellent location to find them and to look! Check out "tropical island getaway" on Facebook, I made videos that prove all of these amazing things I described above! Depending on the time of year you go you can see other cool animals as well.. apparently they see manta rays when the water is warmer! We went as a couple, but this is a great family trip for people of all ages. There were young children, teens, and adults on our boat who all had a great time.

Tips: bring a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water/snacks for boat and water shoes. Make sure your watershoes are comfy to walk around in or bring an extra pair of shoes to explore the island!

"Best Dolphin Show EVER!!"

Nancy A
 Reviewed 24 February 2013
This was by far the highlight of our trip that includes watching the dolphins jump out of the water to play in the boats "wake" It was beautifully amazing!! The trip includes an hour on an island with plenty of photo opportinies. Captain Randy was very informative and a delight!!

"Capt Randys memorial service for my parents"

Charlie A
Seffner, Florida, United States
 Reviewed 19 November 2012
The whole trip was absolutely the best from the service to the dolphins we saw on the way back. I would recommend any of his trips to you. All my relatives had a great day. Thank you for all you did for us we appreciate you and all you did.

"Fabulous family adventure!"

Marthacooper  Reviewed 23 August 2012
We really enjoyed our afternoon outing with Captain Randy & Captain Eric. They took great care of us, entertained us, & went above & beyond to ensure we saw incredible dolphin shows the entire trip. Our daughter was captivated for five hours which is priceless! I highly recommend for anyone visiting the Tampa area. We will do this adventure again.